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November 2013 Tournament

Welcome all new and returning Senior 50+ bowlers. We had a great tournament at Wilsonville Bowl and want to thank them for the hospitality.

I know not many of you read these results, and I hope that you are enjoying the 50+ Senior Tour. If you have any questions about the tournament rules, format or just want me to answers some questions, please feel free to write or phone me and I would be happy to answer any of them. .

Tournament Results

So for the 3rd tournament of the year, a house which had wood lanes seemed to make the bowlers score well. Part of these tournaments is to test your ability to change in different bowling houses. Those who did, scored well (even if they had to change several balls). I hope everyone had a great time and the tournament went very smooth.

One of our newer bowlers, Floyd Rice took the top position for 70+ (911) and another one of our new bowlers Steve Coyner took the top position for 50-69 (1041). Yes the young pups (well 50-69) beat the older group by over 130 pins during qualifications and the 50-69 division had some really high scores. Made it tough to make the cut this tournament as some bowlers found the shot and scored really well at Wilsonville Bowl. More 70+ bowlers are needed to get more into semi-finals!

Ken Pomerinke (997), Gordon Sim (951), William Smith (928), John Sullivan (907), Will Mooney(889) and Carol Ivey (850) make the cutoff for the Semi- Finals for 50-69 (cutoff was a +50) and Mark Swenson (907) making the cutoff for 70 and over (cutoff was a +107).

The final game was run away game from the rest of the pack where Ken Pomerincke beat everyone by 37 pins with a 247 game over the closed bowler Will Mooney with a 209. Go's to show just making the cut, have to continue to bowl well in the semi-finals and finals to become a champion.

Congratulations to Ken Pomerinke- November Champion

Congratulations to Ken Pomerincke. Carrying a 208 average (Having to beat all those handicap people!) and took second place in the semi finals with a 208 and a whooping 270, and then turned up the stakes in his final game running away with a nice 247 game, beating the closest bowler by 38 pins. So someone with little handicap can WIN the tournament. Congratulation Ken and you have bragging rights for the month!

Results of 27 Entries:

Place / Name     Semi     Final  
1 Ken Pomerincke 997 +197 208,270     247 200.00
2 Will Mooney 889 +89 262,231     209 163.00
3 Carol Ivey 850 +50 217,241     194 109.00
4 Steve Coyner 1041 +241 237,198     190 65.00
5 Mark Swenson * 907 +107 261,300     186 63.00
6 John Sullivan 907 +107 253,263     177 61.00
7 Floyd Rice * 911 +111 243,177       59.00
8 Gordon Sim 951 +151 223,188       57.00
9 William Smith 928 +128 215,186       55.00
* Age 70 and over             $832.00
Actual           26 * 32 832.00
Add to Finals: - 1 missing payout   34+52= 86.00 to Finals     Finals: 202.00

Consolation Game

All bowlers not qualifying entered into the Consolation game where 75.00 was distributed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Tournament Director

Raymond A. McCue
Home: 503-625-5419
Cell: 503-720-6478

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